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Our commitment to community outreach is at the heart of our mission. PRM's Community Outreach initiative embodies the spirit of collective wellbeing. By supporting student-athletes and extending resources to our community, we bridge gaps and create a meaningful impact. Together, we ensure that our community thrives, uniting hearts and hands to build a brighter tomorrow, guided by the principles of inclusion and compassion.

At PRM, we embrace the power of unity. Our Volunteering initiative engages individuals in our community to become agents of positive change. By supporting student-athletes through the provision of running gear, resources, and opportunities, we invite you to be a part of a shared mission. Join us for educational and informational events on goal setting, self-assurance, health, and wellness in the sport of running, ensuring a bright future for our community.

Education is the cornerstone of empowerment, and at PRM, we embrace its transformative potential. Through our Education program, we empower student-athletes and the community by providing running gear, invaluable resources, and life-changing opportunities. Join us in the pursuit of excellence through education.

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Join hands with us to make a real impact. Your support can transform lives and create lasting change. Every donation brings us one step closer to our mission.

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